How to Get the Idea of ​​Making Photo Manipulation

How do you come up with ideas? the question is always asked by my Subscribers. actually the question seems very easy to answer, but it is very difficult to explain it in detail. but somehow I’m very happy to get questions like that. without us knowing it is actually an idea that we really need moreover as a Graphic Designer. having a very brilliant idea will produce a very good work.
You have to understand that an idea doesn’t always come just like that, there are things you can do to get inspiration and good ideas.
The following are some things that I often do before I make photo manipulations and edit them in Photoshop.


Imagining is free, so you have to use your imagination to describe something, there is no limit at all in your imagination. people who have a good imagination will get lots of good ideas. so imagine as you wish.


See Other People’s Work.

That doesn’t mean you have to imitate that person. if you are a beginner and just learning photoshop maybe that’s no problem. but if you aim to find inspiration you can by seeing other people’s work. How did it happen? that’s why I say it’s very difficult to explain in detail. I myself do it often and it works. we can also see in the real world that birds have inspired humans to make planes, something extraordinary isn’t it.


Looking for Stock Photos

I don’t know why, but when you are looking for stock photos for your editing material, sometimes you think of an idea. yeah right, when you see a picture you can get inspiration and ideas that come to you at a glance. believe it or not I get ideas very often when looking for materials for my photo manipulation. even when I have an idea can change after searching for a few pictures.

Those were some of the things I did to get inspiration and ideas for making my photo manipulations. maybe everyone is different, so every person has a different work from the other person.
maybe that’s all I can write, hopefully this article is useful for you and don’t forget to keep learning.

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