The Most Popular Photo Manipulations on Rafy A’s Youtube Channel

Hi my Friends! this time I will show you three of my most popular photo manipulations on youtube. I chose it based on the number of views in the video. I also will not display all the pictures in this article so you can directly see it on video. before we start, if you are new here you can subscribe to my channel Rafy A, thanks you.

    1. Glowing Mushroom

At first there was a viewer asking me to make a video tutorial to make a Glowing effect like Calop’s and he also sent some of examples glowing photos to me. then I started looking for suitable stock photos to create this glowing effect and then I found a nice stock photo of mushrooms on deviantart. and finally I found some other stock photos such as a picture of a woman and a forest background. basically I like photos like miniature effects, and in the end I finish this photo manipulation. this photo manipulation video has also been watched by 1,400,000 views.

If you want to know how to make it, you can watch the following video tutorial.

    2. Big Wolf

Besides the miniature effects, I also really like editing photos of animals. to make this photo manipulation you only need to understand some basic photoshop skills such as remove the background of the photo properly, color correction so that it blends between the photos, a good feel to create a grade-color atmosphere, and others. This Big Wolf video has been watched as many as 1,300,000 views on YouTube. If you are curious about how to make it, you can watch the following video.

    3. Glowing Rhino Horn

Basically the concept of this photo manipulation is the same as before. But I just want to convey a message through this picture that the rhino horn is something valuable, we must preserve it instead of hunting it down for personal gain. As humans we must be self-aware and not greedy in order to preserve this nature. so I likened the rhinoceros horn like a shining crystal.
This video also received a lot of attention from my viewers and has also been watched by 540,000 views. An account called Foggy Nights commented: “Rhinos are old retired unicorns and no one can change my mind”.

In this video you will learn how to create glowing effects, adding particles, lighting effects and many more. watch the following video how I made it.

What do you think? are you interested to try it. in my opinion it is not difficult, because this photo manipulations does not use a lot of stocks and complicated details. I hope you can make it better than what I made. If you want to download stock images in the tutorial you can follow the link in the video description.

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