Photoshop Manipulation Tutorial Mysterious Planet Tree

Today i wan to show you how to make surrealism photo manipulation scene effect in photoshop cc. as usual it’s not too difficult to do that, it’s just that the concept looks different and unique. To be honest I was inspired by someone’s work and I forgot his name. but i really admire his work.

If you want to know how this photo manipulation process is made, you can directly watch my video below.

Stock Resource Links:

Thank you and hope it is useful.

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  1. I’m inspired by your work and have learned much from your tutorials. I especially am grateful for your providing links to the stock sources.

    HOWEVER, most of the sources in this tutorial require me to download some off brand browser to access the png/jpg file. I won’t be doing that EVER.

    Guess I’ll just miss out on learning from you when that is a requirement to get the stock items.

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