The Best Photoshop Plugins that I love

Well, Photoshop must be one of the most reliable photos editing software that can help people get better photo results. However, retouching a photo to make it much more beautiful is not simple. Sometimes it takes time to get the best result and it is more challenging to keep the result consistent as well. That is why people love to use Photoshop plugins to get the expected photo effect on Photoshop. Here are some best plugins to use.

Tych Panel
The very first plugin for Photoshop that can offer people with most benefits is Tych Panel. This plugin has the function of automating the creation of diptychs and triptychs. This way, the arbitrary number of layouts will be supported. At the same time, people can also use a strong compositing paradigm. The panel interface of the plugin is very nice and easy to use. This is the ultimate tool for automating not only diptych and triptych but also n-tych.

Fixel Edgehancer
The next plugin to consider for the Photoshop photo effect is Fixel Edgehancer. This tool utilizes the advanced algorithms for sharpening the photos. It will not increase the contract of the surrounding pixels. It will emphasize the photo edges instead. That is why the photo result will have a natural look by using the photo effect from this tool. People can make a comparison with the traditional Photoshop filter for sharpening and the result of Fixel Edgehander will be better.

It seems that many people love to take portraits. It is necessary for various purposes after all. Getting the right photo effect for portraits can be overwhelming sometimes. However, it will get easier by using the Portraiture plugin. There was a time when retouching the portraits will take a lot of time, but this circumstance will not happen with this plugin. This plugin makes it possible to smooth and heal the skin on Photoshop. It is not only available for Photoshop because it can also be used for Lightroom.

Topaz B&W Effects
Some people think that creating a black and white photo must be the simplest thing to do. They think that they only need to hot the button of ‘convert to black & white’ that is available in Photoshop. It is not that simple. Black & white photography can be much more complicated especially when people want to make beautiful black and white photos. Fortunately, people can use Topaz B&W Effects for creating not only stunning black and white photos but also consistent black and white photo results.

Color Efex Pro 4
This photoshop plugin is one of my favorites. You can find many filter effects in this plugin such as cross processing, film effects, graduated filters, glamour glow, detail extractor, B/W conversion and many more. if you work to make photo effects or photo manipulations, I think Color Efex Pro 4 must be installed in your photoshop.

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