Create a Dramatic Night Photo Manipulation Scene Effect in Photoshop CC

Hello my friends, today i want to show you how to create a dramatic night photo manipulation scene effect in photoshop cc. to make this you only need to have basic skills in using photoshop. like, Cropping, Blending, Adjusting and using basic tools like Pen Tool, Brush Tool, Etc..

This image looks simple, but it looks elegant and dramatic. I’m sure you all can follow this photoshop tutorial.

Download all stock images from link below and read the rules from the owner before you use their stocks.

Watch the following video to follow this photoshop tutorial.


Maybe that’s all I can write hope you get a lesson after watching the video “Create a Dramatic Night Photo Manipulation Scene Effect in Photoshop CC”. see you on the next page.

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  1. Hi, i came across your chanel on Youtube and i am blown away with your art. I work in Affinity and can follow some of your work but i also have Photoshop. If we as member pay you a little bit more can you add text on your videos on what you exactly do or do you have any tutorials that explain what you do? Stunning Art!

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