Tips for Mastering Photoshop Faster

Learning photoshop does require patience in learning it. If you are learning photoshop there are several ways you can do to make your study more efficient, one of which is to practice it regularly. In addition, you can also follow the tips on mastering photoshop so you can find out how to quickly learn the right photoshop.

Understand the appearance of photoshop well

Knowing photoshop completely is the main requirement to be able to design, edit and manipulate photos. You have to know a variety of things that exist in Photoshop’s appearance ranging from menus, layers, tools and so on. Not only that, you also need to be able to know the function of each feature in Photoshop. Each feature has a different role. You have to find out how to combine existing features to be better and make you able to design more optimally.

It’s important to master the tool box in Photoshop

Tool box plays an important role to be able to do editing with photoshop. Tool box has many tools ranging from pen tools, brush tools to erase tools that will help you to be able to form lines, make shapes and various other designs that you want. Try to practice with these tools. Some tools may take time to master, but if you know the tricks it will be easier for the tone to be able to operate the tools. Also find out what other uses of these tools might benefit you in designing.

Know the function of the Layer

Layers themselves are separate layers of your image that make your images look richer and certainly with better results. For those of you who are beginners in Photoshop know the layer will be very helpful in using Photoshop. On the other hand, some people still feel confused by the workings of this layer. Basically the layer is separate from the image, so editing won’t disturb the main image. Try to find out about this layer and how to use it. By knowing the usages you have, you can modify your images more satisfactorily.

Try to practice designing or editing photos

What makes Photoshop more interesting is its ability to be able to manipulate images and make images look real. Of course to be able to produce a design like that, it’s important to be able to master Photoshop well. So that you can master Photoshop well, you need to practice it more often. That way, you can get used to editing an image or you can create an image with photoshop. You can not master Photoshop one of them is because you are not familiar with the features provided, so you are sometimes confused to go to the next step. By slowly knowing the usefulness of the features provided you can form images or edit will make it easier for you to use Photoshop. No need to produce extraordinary images at the beginning of learning, slowly but surely you can to produce photos or pictures that are quite good with lots of practice for sure.

Get learning resources to design

To be able to operate Photoshop better, it is necessary for you to get the right learning resources. One of the tips on mastering photoshop that is good and right is to practice independently / You can ask for help from friends who are experts in using Photoshop. With the help of someone it will be easier for you to ask various things that you do not know about photoshop to your friends by asking directly. In addition, you can also use the internet as your learning resource. Many various tutorials that you can try through various video tutorials or tutorials from various sites that you can get easily. Choose a tutorial that you can use to do it first, don’t try a tutorial that you haven’t reached that stage yet. Following the tutorial can help you to understand the basics that must be done in making designs with Photoshop.

Use shortcuts

Using shortcuts can help you to produce images more quickly and effectively. It doesn’t hurt for you to memorize the shortcuts in Photoshop to make it easier for you to design an image or modify it to be a different picture. Some of the shortcuts used include Ctrl + 0 being able to display images at full size, Ctrl ++ helps to enlarge an image or zoom, there is also Ctrl + L to adjust the color of the image and many more shortcuts are used. If you have difficulty memorizing it, you can take notes for you when needed. Look for as many shortcuts as possible for you to know and memorize, you can browse and you find various shortcuts that you can use to design images or manipulate them with more time-saving course. Being accustomed to seeing notes will also allow you to memorize them slowly.

Don’t give up

At first you may have difficulty being able to make shapes properly or often make use of tools and so on. This is a normal thing that happens to beginners. You can even experiment with your work more freely. If your design is unsatisfactory, you can find out if something is wrong. If you know your weaknesses, you can more easily remember and make improvements to your design. By continuing to improve you can produce your photoshop to produce good images.

Don’t get satisfied quickly.

If you succeed in processing your photoshop, that is not your final achievement. You must keep learning to be able to make edits better. Many illustrators out there who can create designs that are extraordinary. Remember to keep learning so that someday you can produce a variety of works of illustration from Photoshop with extraordinary results like someone who is pro in terms of design.


To be able to learn photoshop in a faster way must be done persistence in using photoshop. Maybe initially you are not familiar with the tools that are in Photoshop and have difficulty in editing, especially on the layer. Basically it is a natural thing and can happen to anyone. Getting the right learning resources can help you develop your skills with Photoshop. Learn also various tips on mastering photoshop. In addition, you also have to understand the use of shortcuts and how they function. Try to memorize it so that you can design it faster. Continue to practice to be able to produce cool images. Trying many times will make you accustomed to using Photoshop and know how to use it more simply.

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