Simple Photo Manipulation Tricks with Photoshop

Sometimes, you want to create an out of the box photos. You can do it by manipulating the photos. Photo manipulation allows you to create a fantastic photo. You can also use the result for various purposes, including marketing. Let’s take a look at the brilliant photo manipulation tricks you can use.

Smart Object

You can manipulate photos by using Photoshop. Smart Object supports the process much easier and faster. It helps you to cut the original photo and put it to the background you want to use to manipulate it. Smart Object allows you to maintain the pixels of the photo easier. You can resize the photo based on your need.


Adding Atmosphere

Photoshop also has an atmosphere layer. This feature allows you to create atmospheric elements such as fog, dark, sunlight, and many more. The main function of adding the atmosphere is to make the foreground elements pop up. At the same time, the background will have less distracting elements.
Manage the Saturation Level
Saturation features also one of the most powerful photo manipulation tricks you can use. You can change the colors of the image to create a new sensation or atmosphere. Different saturation level creates different meanings.


Color Grading

Color is one of the most important in a photo manipulation project. That’s why you should understand about color grading. You can use Photoshop to grade the colors. Use the gradient feature and adjust the colors. Color grading helps to pop up and reduce some colors to make the images or photos look alive and attractive to see. Film photography often uses color grading to exaggerate the result.     
Sun Glare
Sun Glare is also a good trick to manipulate your photos. It helps to brighter and strengthens particular colors on the photo that will improve the meaning or quality. This trick can also make the photo manipulation looks realistic. You can make two objects on the photo blend perfectly with sun glare.


Grass Brush

Photoshop has a grass brush tool. You can use it to create or edit grass on the photo. You can blend an object with grass realistically with this tool. People will not realize if you are mixing two different photos into one stunning photo. 
So, the idea of manipulating photos is to make a new artistic and out of the box photo. Photoshop supports you to do this project well. You can try the photo manipulation tricks with the Photoshop tools above. You can do it for fun or supporting your design graphic projects.

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