Tips to Learn Graphic Design for Beginner

Nowadays, many people are interested in the world of graphic design. There are many job opportunities for graphic designers out there. However, if you want to pursue a career in graphic design you need to master it. You don’t have to go to some expensive school to learn about graphic design. Below are some tips that could help you in learning some basics of graphic design, especially for beginners.

Always Keep an Eye and Ear for Influencer

The first tip that you could do in learning graphic design is to keep an eye and eye with the influencer. There are a lot of things that you could learn from influencer. After all, so many people trust influencers for products or services recommendations. Why you should learn from influencers? Because many of them are willing to share their secrets to their success through the content that they make. Therefore, if you keep yourself listen to them and engage with them, then you will be more familiar with the graphic design world. You could engage with them through their social media platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, and even YouTube.


Make the List

The next tip that you could do is making a targeted list of influential graphic designers on their Instagram or Twitter, so you could follow their daily routine directly without having to know their tweets from your friends or even co-workers. You could also add a variety of influencers in your list, such as those who are well-known designers, those that inspire you the most, and sometimes those whose work you do not like very much. By doing so, you will get a better understanding of the graphic design world.


Collect Inspirational Work

When you decide to learn about graphic design, you need to start building a catalog of work that you think is great and successful. You could do that by bookmarking images in your browser, creating a Pinterest board or you could also make a folder to your computer to save some works that fit with the criteria. Making this kind of catalog will help you to understand trends both past and present. Furthermore, you could also start to recognize patterns in the works. And the most important thing is you will start to understand your style and interest.

Those above are some tips that you could do in learning graphic design. They might be a little difficult to do. However, if you really like graphic designs you will do them willingly. Always remember that your hard work will be paid off someday.


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