Tricks to Edit Photos to Create a Stunning Instagram Feed

Posting cool photos is one of the keys to creating a stunning Instagram feed. An eye-catching Instagram feed will attract more people to see and follow your account. You can follow the tricks to edit photos for an Instagram feed below. You don’t have to be a pro first to edit a photo, but it will make your photos look like a pro. 


Use HDR Mode on Your Smartphone Camera

Some people forget about the important role of HDR mode on the smartphone camera. This feature is valuable enough to create good quality of photos, especially in dim light, close up, or outdoor portraits. Since you want to prepare photos for your Instagram feed, it is better to use 1080 pixels photos. This photo size is easy to manage even if Instagram crop the photo by default. Moreover, it prevents blurry results. The most important thing is that you have a clear and sharp photo. You can also easily edit them to the next level.


Choose the Best Filter

Instagram provides you with several editing features. One of the features is a filter. Different type of filter creates different sensation although you are using the same photo. The filters you can use to edit photos for an Instagram feed are including Claredon, Rise, Gingham, and many more. For example, Claredon makes the photo brighter along with highlighting effects. It makes your photo looks sharper and more attractive to see. You can also make an experiment by choosing a filter than you never use before.


Take Time on the Lux Setting

It is better to take time in the Lux setting. Just click the sunshine icon. The purpose of using this setting is to adjust the contrast and exposure of photos. You only have to move the pointer to the right to increase the contrast and intensity. Just move to the left to decrease them. You will see a photo with brighter and sharper colors after adjusting it with the lux setting. You can also edit the photos with a vignette effect and scale-up saturation for vivid colors. It looks more eye-catching for Instagram users and your followers.

Now, you know that edit photos for an Instagram feed are not as complicated as you can imagine. You only have to get used to the features. Instagram provides you with those great features. Just use it to make your photo look cool and amazing before posting it. Cool photos will give a significant impact on the impression of your Instagram account.      

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