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Smartphones get so smart nowadays that you can do many things, including manipulating your photos and making them look better—or uglier, without needing a high-end camera and a powerful PC. The hardware will do the shooting job for you and the numerous photo editing apps on the store are ready to help you do professional photo editing. If you are curious about how capable your smartphones are in manipulating photos, you should give the following photo editing apps a try.


If there is Photoshop on a PC then on a smartphone there is a Picsart, so far I like this application. although it’s not as complete as Photoshop, Picsart’s features are very sufficient to edit everyday photos, make photo manipulations, etc. You can also enjoy lots of cool filters if you pay for them.


Snapseed is a powerful photo editing that allows you to do virtually everything that you can do using a PC-based application. Thankfully, it is one of Google’s apps. Like other Google apps, it offers a complete set of photo editing features for free. This app is great for both beginners and professionals. If you need fast photo retouching, you can simply pick one of many available filters available immediately after you import a photo. If you want to do some deeper photo manipulation, you can switch to the Tools menu to discover a large assortment of photo editing tools to deal with every detail in your photo.

Lightroom Mobile

Lightroom Mobile Preset

Lightroom Mobile is the mobile version of Adobe Lightroom. The free version of this app is very limited; however, when you become a subscriber, you can enjoy one of the most powerful photo manipulation apps ever released on smartphones. Users even consider it much better than Google’s Snapseed due to its powerful RAW editing support, excellent sharpening and noise reduction features, lens-related features (chromatic aberration, lens profile corrections, etc.), and many great features that bring the power of PC-based photo editing software to your smartphone.



VSCO is another powerful photo editing app that you should try in 2020. It is an all-in-one app that you can use to capture photos with its built-in camera, photo editing tools to manipulate your captured photos and to share the edited photos online. There is a large selection of editing tools included, ranging from a simple crop tool to complex exposure and skin tones adjustment tools. The best feature that this app offers is its filters, which give you one-touch solutions to manipulate your photos with a single touch on your screen.



Photography is not necessarily about humans and scenery. With Foodie, you can deliciously showcase your photos. Foodie is an app dedicated to manipulating food photos. If you are a restaurant owner who wants to make your foods and beverages look more enthralling on photos, the filters that this app provides can truly become your best helpers.

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